Lillian Purdy and John Porritt returned from a visit to the St-Georges area where they visited each family that La Fondation supports, the school the children attend, and the after-school program.  They met with Wilmene Laguerre, the co-ordinator for delivery of help and the after-school program. See the trip report:  Children_of_St-Georges.pdf

APRIL 2011


Jeanette Arsenault, well known Canadian and Acadian chanteuse, visited the children in cholera ravaged Haiti in April 2011 following their move to the St-Georges area from Gonaives.  Read her report, and listen to music she has written inspired by this visit.

Fighting fear and tears in Haiti - NOVEMBER 30, 2010


A couple from Ottawa who run an orphanage in Haiti have overcome many obstacles in the past. But as Claire Brownell and Louisa Taylor report, cholera is proving to be a deadly foe.


Struggling for a better life - FEB 5th, 2009


Lillian Purdy was shocked by the devastation hurricane after hurricane wreaked on the small, independent Haitian orphanage she visited over the Christmas holidays.

Haitian orphans stranded by Ike - SEPT 11, 2008


Ismorin Noel, who runs an orphanage in Gonaïves, Haiti, says the children are hungry, cold and sick. There is not much time left, he says. They need to be evacuated now.